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VVV Fitness Classes incorporate metabolic conditioning, strength training, and Crossfit style movements. Each class is tailored not only for beginners, but for the experienced person as well. Each classes will be 50 minutes. Classes will now end 10 minutes early so we have time to sanitize the workout area before the next class. Currently classes are by reservation via Mindbody. Reservation spots open 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time.

Looking to challenge yourself? Interested in competing? Our SPORT programming is designed specifically for you! I

In SPORT, the programming will expose you to the weights that you will commonly see in competitions and events.

Looking to build muscle? Out BUILD programming is what we like to call functional bodybuilding.

In BUILD, it's all about high-intensity training through your basic everyday fitness and functional fitness movements.

Our goal with the BULD programming is to get those looking to work on their aesthetics.

Our goal with FIT is to ensure that you are comfortable with the movements, as well as the weights, all while moving safely and effectively.

In FIT, the programming will expose you to more high skilled movements and heavier weights

Looking to lose weight? Looking to get back into a routine? Our SWEAT programming will be sure to keep you moving the entire time and do exactly what its title says...SWEAT!

Our Goal with the SWEAT programming is to get your body moving, get those pounds shed, and get your heart rate elevated! Through functional fitness movements, you will be exposed to high-intensity interval training.

In SWEAT, the programming is perfect for those wanting to try CrossFit for the first time or those getting back into a routine.

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