Melva Byington

"Highly recommend"

“Crossfit is not for me, it’s not for everyone, I only get hurt”…..until I got to Crossfit Veni Vidi Vici. I took a year break from working out then realized how much I missed it and needed it in my life. When i got to VVV I realized Crossfit didn’t get me hurt, coaches got me hurt and this gym was by far the best gym I had ever gone to. For the first I can say I belong to a great gym, with great coaches and great members. I highly recommend trying this gym . If you are just starting out or you’re an experienced CrossFitter …this place is for you!!! No matter your age, no matter your ability level…just try it!! The hardest part is getting over the fear of trying something new!!! Once you try it, you’ll be happy you did.”

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