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“Before joining CFVVV the thought of doing CrossFit as my normal workout routine was intimidating as hell. However, the coaches & the other members quickly put me at ease. I’ve been a member since October & I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. There’s no mundane boring workout. Each day is different & the coaches are always pushing you to be a better version of yourself. I’ve definitely seen a huge difference in my confidence & the way I view myself. The best part is that the coaches encourage you to do what you CAN rather than risking injury to do the RX workout. Crossfit & this box have changed my life for the better. Never leaving!”
– Brinkley Schubert

“I have tried lots of different gyms and programs but I always steered clear of CrossFit. From the minute I walked into VVV I knew I found what I had been looking for. Ty was so welcoming and the rest of the coaches are all amazing. They are very knowledgeable and encouraging. All of the members are so nice as well. It’s great to be a part of such a wonderful community. I would recommend it for anyone, regardless of their fitness level, they will be challenged.”
– Jennifer Lant

“I dropped into the Eastern location last weekend. Place had a well prepared coach for an exceptionally large Sunday morning class of over 20 people. The size of the facility was able to accommodate the fairly large class. Instructor had no problem making adjustments so that the Metcon class would end on time for the following class. Also dropped back in so that I could purchase a second T-Shirt and the Wodify App failed when I attempted to pay with Card were willing to go above and beyond to accommodate so that I could still take the shirt home to my coach!”
– Michael Swindle

“I was in town for 3 weeks visiting from Toronto Canada. Boris was very welcoming, when I entered the gym the first time I was greeted by his infectious smile! The other athletes at the 7am Crossfit class were also very welcoming! Boris kept on top of watching my form, making corrections when needed. The workouts were amazing, a warm-up, group stretch, and then usually 2 more challenging activities. Kept me on my toes and even helped me push past boundaries I previously had set for myself. Weight increased, less resistant bands…the growth I experienced while there for the 3 weeks was incredible. I’ll wear my VVV family tank with pride back home! Thanks Boris and everyone for your warm welcome and support!”
– Brenda Atkins

“Love this box. After jumping between different kinds of gyms (spin, hot pilates, traditional gym, etc) I finally feel at home with Crossfit VVV. You look forward to your workouts, nothing is ever the same. Great attitudes inside the box. Coaches push you to be the best you can be and everyone is super welcoming. I’m excited to see the results I get.”
– Alexa Kierra

“You won’t find trainers with more empathy. Always with your best interest in mind. Professional, courteous and knowledgable. Crossfit Veni Vidi Vici will take you to where you need to go with your fitness.”
– Alex Raffi

“By far the best gym I’ve ever belonged to…. Because it’s the first gym where I feel like I truly belong. Welcoming, friendly, fun and most of all supportive!”
– Kathi Pauli

“Crossfit is not for me, it’s not for everyone, I only get hurt”…..until I got to Crossfit Veni Vidi Vici. I took a year break from working out then realized how much I missed it and needed it in my life. When i got to VVV I realized Crossfit didn’t get me hurt, coaches got me hurt and this gym was by far the best gym I had ever gone to. For the first I can say I belong to a great gym, with great coaches and great members. I highly recommend trying this gym . If you are just starting out or you’re an experienced CrossFitter …this place is for you!!! No matter your age, no matter your ability level…just try it!! The hardest part is getting over the fear of trying something new!!! Once you try it, you’ll be happy you did.”
– Melva Byington

“I’ve attended the CrossFit and the Metcon classes thus far during a trial period, and I must say that I’m enjoying the atmosphere. I think with most people, getting a good workout solo is tough. The coaches here do an excellent job at pushing you to do better, while also being perceptive of your current skill level. They make adjustments as you go when they notice you’re struggling and make sure that you are using correct form, so you avoid injury. I’ve worked with Coach Glen and Coach Ty thus far, and they have been incredibly patient and always cheer you on and offer a high-five at the end of the workout. I always leave sore and eager to come back to try out the next workout!

UPDATE 7/5/2017:
I am 6 months into my membership with CrossFit Veni Vidi Vici and I can honestly say that this is the strongest I’ve been in my entire life. The coaches are passionate and take safety seriously. Every WOD, the coaches will demonstrate proper technique and have the group practice while they critique before the workout even begins to ensure no one is going to hurt themselves. The people who come to CFVVV are friendly, open-minded, and care about their health. You won’t find a better box in Vegas!”
– Jess Baker

“I absolutely love this box. Crossfit Veni Vidi Vici is definitely one of the best places that a person can work out at. Not only is the gym equipped with a variety of weights and other training equipment, but the knowledge, experience and overall charisma of the coaches make this box even better.
In that one hour span of working out, you will be pushed and encouraged and at the end, you may feel completely spent, but will never regret having done it. No matter what fitness level you are at, you will be able to complete the workouts and the movements. The coaches go through the movements before the workouts begin to make sure all the movements are done correctly to prevent injuries and to ensure that form is correct. Not only are the coaches extremely qualified and knowledgeable, members are encouraging.
I’ve been coming here for two years and can’t imagine working out anywhere else. There are different times throughout the day so that you’re able to fit a class into your schedule, whether it is early morning at later in the evening. I can confidently say that since I’ve been a member at the box, I’ve definitely gotten stronger.”
– Erika de los Santos

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