We know that you are busy between work, school, families, and celebrating your recent snatch PR. Nutrition is key to maximizing your performance in all areas both in and outside the box, and we are here to help. Enter Diced Kitchen, a healthy without the hassle alternative. Our gourmet meal prep geared to fuel your body while you stay focused on your goals (and not doing dishes).

Diced meals are created using all-natural ingredients, prepared and delivered twice weekly for freshness straight to your doorstep. Macros for each meal are listed, and can be customized to maximize your results when coupled with daily Boris Beatdown WODs. Check out our Facebook page or website for more details!


Fitness professional turned meal-prepping machine, lover of all things fitness and striving for my squat to look as good as my baby’s. Looking forward to helping fellow members of VVV achieve their health and fitness goals by connecting awesome training with a solid nutritional program.


Christina Baxter
Please call 502-541-7079 for more information and to place an order.