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CrossFit: New Year’s Resolutions

January 5, 2017
The champagne glasses clicked, the confetti showered down and the ball finally dropped. 2016 is a thought of the past and it’s time to tackle 2017 harder, faster, and stronger than ever before. If getting in shape is anywhere on your list of resolutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Gift in the Box We all tend to start off new goals with the strongest intentions and rigorous discipline. That fresh burst of hope and energy for change

Rethinking Core Strength

December 27, 2016
Core strength and core stability are terms that stand out for both trained athletes and novices alike. We all know that developing core strength is a staple of a good program, but we’re not all so clear on exactly what core strength encompasses. Most will immediately conjure up images of a pulsing six pack on its on hundredth repetition or a sweating torso held rigid in a plank. Don’t get it twisted (or flexed); both of those exercises hit

Holiday Dinner Cheat Sheet

December 19, 2016
The holidays are a time for tacky sweaters, family gatherings, impromptu skirmishes at the local Best Buy and, of course, food. Whether you’re approaching the holiday feast with an unwavering conviction to carbo-load like there’s a food ration starting tomorrow, or cry yourself to sleep about all the delicious food you had to turn down, here are a few pointers on navigating the dinner table. Green Angel on Your Shoulder It’s hard to go wr

WOD Spotlight: Cary

December 7, 2016
Happy Holidays from CrossFit Veni Vidi Vici. Here’s hoping that your family gatherings were lovely and that grandma's stories were quaintly circular, rather than uncomfortably candid. With Thanksgiving in the rearview and Christmas dinner around the corner, odds are that you’re looking to burn off a few extra biscuits and pie slices. On the other hand, if you exercised the self-restraint of a Buddhist monk throughout the season of feasts,

CrossFit: Firebreather Virtuosos

November 22, 2016
Before CrossFit was a trending social media phrase, it was an underground fitness movement conceived and championed by Greg Glassman. CrossFit Inc. was founded sixteen years ago. Fast forward, and we’re here with boxes in every other strip mall. But when the momentum was starting in 2005, Glassman wrote an open letter to trainers emphasizing the importance of a key concept in athletics and its relevance to CrossFit. Virtuosity Virtuosity is a

WOD Spotlight: Grace

November 17, 2016
Grace is your friend. Grace cares about you. Grace wants you to be a well-rounded warrior. Grace is the WOD that’s going to give you epic core strength and explosive power. However, Grace is very much a workout that requires precision and care if you want to see the results you crave. Performed with mastery and perfection, there’s a beautiful synergy at play with these movements. The Rx Grace might be simple, but easy it ain't: - 30 Clea

Say No To Pop

November 7, 2016
Nobody’s perfect. We all have our cheat days. We all have our guilty pleasures. The truth is, treating yourself every now and then is crucial to your sanity. You don’t want to burn out. That said, if you’re serious about your health and fitness, there’s one treat that you need to quit at all costs. Soda is Killing Your Progress There is so very much that’s wrong with high-fructose corn syrup that it’s obscene. Where to begin? Well,

CrossFit: Strength in Numbers

October 25, 2016
At its core, CrossFit is an evolution of a series of workout approaches pioneered by athletes, military personnel, and other highly fit individuals who were looking for an extra edge. CrossFit brings it all together in a way that’s accessible and fun. To some, it’s the Holy Grail, the underground and the revolution; to others, it’s a risky workout routine that they’re hesitant to get behind. We’ve gone over some of the basics in the pas

WOD Spotlight: CrossFit Total

October 14, 2016
CrossFit Total is a great workout for beginners who are still getting a handle on how their body bears weight using their body as one moving piece. The workout targets the back, shoulders, core, and lower body. These are some of the major areas that tend to get weak at desk jobs and that people frequently neglect in their workouts. They’re also the most important muscle groups to train in order to improve posture and general weight bearing. As

Keeping it 100: Real Advice for Beginners

October 4, 2016
Workout routines, equipment, and other approaches to fitness are almost always marketed with the focus on immediate results. People who are severely out of shape are bombarded with a stream of before and after pictures, promises for X pounds of weight loss in X weeks, “one weird trick to burn fat”, or just plain how to get shredded in no time at all. That just isn’t how it works. If you have great posture, good form, well-developed muscu

Perspectives on Personal Motivation

September 22, 2016
Any gym you sign up with is going to have you identify goals: How much do you want to gain or lose? What are some weight limits you’d like to push? What do you really want to get out of your workout routine? It’s always important to enter with a clear game plan, and workout goals help you stay motivated and mark off milestones. On the other hand… Change your mindset. Your workout is not a means to an end. As long as you hate going to the

Strengths of CrossFit: Well-Oiled Machines

September 15, 2016
Traditional gyms have a number of perks over boxes: You stop in when you can make it, you take things at your own pace, and there are always pretty, chiseled people. The truth is, if all that you’re interested in is hypertrophy (bulking up), a traditional lifting routine might be the way to go. However, it all comes with some literal weak spots. Pitfalls In the absence of professional coaching, traditional weightlifting lends itself to a trap

WOD Spotlight: Murph

September 6, 2016
Kicking it back into third, Murph is an elite hero workout named after the late Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. Murphy used to call his favorite workout his "body armor," and it’s clear why. The Rx For time: - 1-mile run - 100 pullups - 200 pushups - 300 squats - 1-mile run How to Succeed: Murph is a challenge with its own reward. The combination of intense cardio, core exercises and pushups make for a well-rounded warrior. I

Making Abs in the Kitchen

August 25, 2016
If you’re a CrossFit warrior, you’re in it for more than just the beach body. The saying goes that six pack abs are made in the kitchen, but the truth is that the cornerstone of fitness is your diet. Whatever your goals are, whatever your program is, you need to eat right. With CrossFit programs in particular, you need lots of calories and lots of protein to push your body as hard as you can. Proteins Red meat, chicken, and fish are all gre

Olympic Lifts: Hero-Makers or God-Killers?

August 16, 2016
CrossFit is designed with universal scalability. Whether you’re pushing the limits of your genetic abilities or struggling to fit into a pair of jeans, CrossFit is accessible to all fitness levels. However, like any high intensity sport, CrossFit presents a risk of injury. Luckily, there are steps you can take to minimize and eliminate those risks. Olympic Style One of the riskiest exercises in CrossFit programs is the Olympic lift, also know

Why CrossFit is Here to Stay

August 4, 2016
If you approach the wrong person about CrossFit, you’ll wind up sitting through a lecture so filled with negativity that you might find yourself wondering if CrossFit somehow murdered this person’s family and stole their fortune. Within that sea of negativity, there’s one dismissive accusation that seems to stay afloat out there: CrossFit is just a fad. It’s not hard to see why people approach new workout plans with a certain degree of sk

3 Major CrossFit Beginner Mistakes

July 27, 2016
You’re tired of the beer belly; you want bigger guns; you want to recapture your days on the court or the field; or you want the beach body of your dreams. Perfect. It’s all within your grasp, and CrossFit provides the steps to do it. Just make sure you’re not taking them in all the wrong directions. 1. Not setting realistic goals. Some of us are driven by a vision of perfection, and we won’t rest until we’re there. That’s fin

Explosive CrossFit Force with Plyometrics

July 18, 2016
If you ever ask a boxer what kind of lifts you can do to really pack a punch, odds are, he’ll look at you with a blank expression and point you in the direction of a heavy bag. That’s because traditional weight lifting focuses either on strength or endurance. A high number of reps with low weight increases endurance. A low number of reps with heavy weights increases strength. What you’re looking for when you’re training for combat sports

4 Tips for Recovering from a Workout Injury

July 8, 2016
You got cocky. You upped the weight by just a few pounds. You pushed for one too many reps. You worked out while fatigued. There was a snap or sharp pain, and now you’re on the couch with your doctor’s note. We’ve all been there. You’re injured, but it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips to make it through: 1. Keep yourself busy. The biggest thing you need to do is find something to keep you busy in the time you’d n

The Perils of Focusing Only on Strength

June 24, 2016
At CrossFit, we love results. Fast completion of WODs. Big numbers on the barbells. Beating out your partner by a fraction of a second. The scoring systems inherent to CrossFit make it a great way to push yourself and achieve your goals. However, CrossFit isn’t just about scoring big. There are many aspects of athletic performance that influence CrossFit, one of the most important being how flexible and resilient your body is. Necessary Fle

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